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Fairview Oregon Map 97024

Fairview, OR 97024 is a city in Multnomah County, Oregon. It is 16 miles from downtown Portland and is home to roughly 3,743 residents. The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans from the Chinookan Indian tribe. During the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Fairview was referred to as Cleona. In 1840, white settlers began farming and raising livestock in the area. Soon, railroad tracks began running through the city.

In 1806 the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled through this area. White settlers began operating in the area, and the railroad reached the town by 1890. The river, the Columbia River Gorge, and Mount Hood all contributed to the area’s name. The community’s first post office was named Cleone, the ancestor of the famous Lewis and Clark. However, the state legislature eventually incorporated the community into its city, and the post office was relocated.

Fairview, Oregon, a large city complex, is located along the Columbia River and the Oregon-Washington border. Fairview is pleasant in July, August, and September. The winter months are comfortable. If you plan to spend some time outdoors, you can visit nearby museums such as the Portland Art Museum and the Industry Museum. In addition to the museums, Fairview also has several parks. You can visit Fairview Lake and the Portland Art Museum. Nearby attractions include the Rail Depot Museum and McLoughlin House National Historic Site.

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a must-see for anyone visiting Fairview. Its waterfalls reach 4,000 feet in some spots, making it the largest concentration of waterfalls in North America. Although Fairview doesn’t have much dining scene, nearby cities are home to Trentini, a stylish lounge, and Babushka’s Cafe, offering upscale American fare. There are also many opportunities to relax in the area.

For families, Fairview offers several parks and lakes. The 101-acre Blue Lake Regional Park is near the southern bank of the Columbia River. The park includes several picnic areas, a cross-country course, and lake recreation infrastructure. It also contains three ponds and a wetland. 

Migratory birds and other wildlife frequent the park. The 40-mile Loop trail is nearby for a family-friendly afternoon. If you’re looking for a place to picnic or enjoy a day of hiking, Fairview offers many options. Another community in Fairview is the Interlachen neighborhood. The homes here sit on a narrow strip of land between two lakes.

 Interlachen is a private community with a homeowner’s association that takes care of the water system and park. The Columbia River runs alongside the property, and houseboats sometimes surface on the Portland real estate market. If you’re interested in learning more about the area, visit the Next Adventure Scappoose Bay website. It’s open daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm, and there are even mountaineering and snowboarding equipment rentals.

Brightside Roadside Services

Brightside Car Repair in Fairview Oregon 97024

As car owners, we can never anticipate the day when the automobile will break down on the side of the road in Fairview 97024. Sometimes problems with the car can be a simple fix, and at other times, we might be left stranded, not knowing what to do. Signing up for annual roadside assistance can be expensive over a long period and might not seem worth it for that one time you call the company to help you in a time of need. 


At Brightside Roadside Services, we deliver affordable rates for that one time you might need our help. We cherish our fellow residents here in Portland, Oregon, and are dedicated to providing convenient roadside assistance when you need it most. We know the road better than anyone, and when you call our company, we promise to provide you with timely solutions that can get you back driving on the road in no time. If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, give us a call, and we will be there.


Are you tired of wasting time at the car mechanic for routine tune-ups and oil changes? Give us a call and ask about our Mobile Mechanic Services, and we can arrive at your location when it best fits your schedule!

Roadside Assistance Services

Fairview Oregon 97024 Jumpstart Services

At Brightside Roadside Services, we can handle many everyday automobile problems that leave you stranded on the road. Save our mobile phone at: (503)-960-9949. If you find yourself stuck in traffic looking for help, we can help you. Here are some of the common issues we help fellow Portland residents with but are not limited to:

Mobile Mechanic Services

Battery Change in Fairview Oregon 97024

When you call Brightside Roadside Services, the days of spending Saturday and Sunday mornings at the automobile shops are over, and if you go during the workweek to take a break, we can help you pick a better venue!

At Brightside, our experienced mechanics perform light duty repairs to your automobile that generally take up your valuable time waiting at the automobile shop. If you want to avoid waiting a couple of hours and choose to have the repairs completed at your desired location, we can come to you. The following services are what we can provide you, but are not limited to: 

Fairview, OR 97024 - Driving Directions from Portland, Oregon

From 1559 NE 66th Ave, Portland, OR 97213

To Fairview, Oregon 97024


  • 17 min (10.2 miles)
  • Via I-205 N and I-84 E

1559 NE 66th Ave

Portland, OR 97213

  • Get on I-205 N from NE Halsey St, NE 82nd Ave and NE Glisan St – 7 min (2.4 mi)
  • Head southwest on NE 66th Ave toward NE Halsey St – 174 ft
  • Turn left onto NE Halsey St – 0.7 mi
  • Turn right onto NE 79th Ave – 0.1 mi
  • Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto NE Multnomah St – 0.1 mi
  • Turn right onto NE 82nd Ave – 0.4 mi
  • Turn left onto NE Glisan St – 0.7 mi
  • Turn left onto the I-205 N/I-84 ramp to Seattle/The Dalles – 0.4 mi
  • Take I-84 E/US-30 E to Fairview Pkwy in Fairview. Take exit 14 from I-84 E/US-30 E – 7 min (6.5 mi)
  • Merge onto I-205 N – 0.8 mi
  • Take exit 22 to merge onto I-84 E/US-30 E toward The Dalles – 5.4 mi
  • Take exit 14 for Fairview Parkway – 0.3 mi
  • Continue on Fairview Pkwy. Take NE Sandy Blvd to Main St – 3 min (1.3 mi)
  • Turn left onto Fairview Pkwy – 0.4 mi
  • Turn right onto NE Sandy Blvd – 0.8 mi
  • Turn right onto NE 223rd Ave/NE Fairview Ave – 0.2 mi
  • Turn right onto Main St – 13 ft
Oregon 97024

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